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ElectraStim Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit

ElectraStim Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit

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ElectraStim Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit

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ElectraStim Remote Controlled Stimulator Kit

The ElectraStim Controller is a high specification electronic system
designed specifically for the stimulation of sexual organs and erotic regions of the body.

The ElectraStim sensation does not move or vibrate like conventional sex toys, it tingles and pulses!
The ElectraStim Controller is intended to be used by two people.
One person operates the controls, the "Dominator" (Dom) whilst the other person receives erotic electro stimulation, the "Submissive" (Sub).
Due to remote controlled operation this can be done across a room or in a different room altogether!
This enables a host of exciting possibilities including discreet use in public places with the "Sub" blissfully un-aware of what will happen next!
The ElectraStim Controller is easy to use and maintain and has intuitive tactile control buttons.

Key Benefits
Control your partner or submissive remotely - anywhere!
Long range operation - up to 60 metres (200 feet)
User friendly transmitter and receiver units
Multiple operating modes
Highly controllable stimulation intensity

Key Features
Microprocessor controlled transmitter and receiver units
Seven exciting stimulation patterns including auto escalate
Eighteen stimulation intensity levels
Intensity Boost feature
Trigger/Zap mode
Multi-directional, high sensitivity, movement sensing mode
Audible receiver acknowledge beeper (can be disabled)
Low Battery Warning
Durable, wipe clean, tactile control panels
Easy to use, no dials or switches
Ability to combine multiple transmitters and receivers